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This premiere publication of the Alabama Forestry Commission is provided at no charge to the forest landowners of Alabama. A glossy, full-color, 32-page magazine, it is published three times each year: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Filled with information and technical assistance, it is designed to assist landowners in making informed decisions about the management practices they apply to their land. Encompassing both hardwood and softwood, urban and rural, topics include forest health, drought, pests and diseases; invasive species; prescribed burning and wildfire protection; water resources and environmental issues; wildlife; as well as available state and federal grants and programs. Articles and photographs are contributed by AFC employees and other forestry or natural resources professionals. The current circulation is over 14,000.

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Fall / Winter 2016

Cedar Creek Plantation
2017 ANRC Outreach Symposium and Awards
Water Resources — It’s All about Partnerships in Alabama
10 Years of SHU Success: Conserving Alabama’s Water and Wildlife
Consider Riparian Forest Buffers & the Environmental Quality Incentives Program
The Endangered Species Act: What is it and how does it impact Alabama forest landowners?
I Am a Tree Farmer
Winter is a Good Time to Mark Your Property Boundaries
Where Have All the Trappers Gone?
Southern Pine Beetle: Results of the 2016 Alabama Aerial Survey
Prescribed Fire Improves Quail & Red-cockaded Woodpecker Habitat
A Fire Runs through It: The Longleaf & Canebrake Landscape
In Their Own Words...Letters to the AFC
International Corporation to Supply Forest Seedlings from South Alabama Nursery
Tree Seedling Sources
Plants of Alabama: American Mistletoe
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Summer 2016

Riverwood – A Dream Comes True
ANRC 2016 Regional Forestry Events & Field Days
Good Fires Bad Fires and Fire Ants
On the Ground and in the Air... the AFC Keeps Watch for Pine Bark Beetles
Longleaf Pine Cone Prospects for 2016 and 2017
Guidelines for Producing Quality Longleaf Pine Seeds
Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Silvopasture
Making Alabama the Ultimate Destination for a River Journey: Alabama Scenic River Trail
Our Green and Blue State
Living with Black Bears in Alabama
Basic Forestry Tools
Eastern Baccharis – Native Invasive Moving Inland
Forestry in the Blackbelt: Planting Trees on Prairie Soils
Memorials: Dr. Robert Parker, Capt. Don C. East, and John Sudduth
In Their Own Words Letters to the AFC
ATFA Annual Conference and Tour
2016 Summer TREASURED Forest Magazine
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Spring 2016

Time Well Spent – Rolling Mountain Plantation
FIA: To See the Forest, Focus on the Trees
Hardwood Corner: To Burn or Not To Burn: An Introduction
To Burn or Not To Burn: Fire in Hardwood – A North Alabama Perspective
To Burn or Not To Burn: Hardwood Forests & Fire
Fragile and Fleeting . . . Ice Flowers in the Forest
“Twilight of an Era:” Native Cattle in the Longleaf Forest
Hidden TREASURES: Keeping the Forest as a Forest
Tax Tips for Forest Landowners for the 2015 Tax Year
Maintaining Forest Trails
Threatened & Endangered: Northern Long-Eared Bat
Monsters in the Yard: Carpenter Ants
Memorial: Kent Hanby
In Their Own Words: Letters to the AFC
Trees of Alabama: State Champions!

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