Service Providers  

The following list of services is provided solely as a courtesy to landowners. The Alabama Forestry Commission makes no representation whatsoever as to the quality of work or business practices of the firms listed. The Forestry Commission strongly suggests that before entering into any transaction with an individual or a business, you ask for the names of other individuals who have done business with the individual or firm so that you verify quality of services provided to others. In addition, you may want to have an attorney review any contracts or agreements before you sign such documents.

A consultant providing professional services is often required to be registered or licensed within the State in which the service is offered. Before engaging or contracting with any person(s) representing themselves as a consultant or registered professional, the AFC recommends that you should obtain adequate supporting documentation from the service provider such as a current license or registration number as provided to them by the appropriate State Agency. Further, consultants should always remain free from conflicts of interest (for instance, wood procurement) to serve the best and sole interest of the client.

In accordance to Alabama Law, any person who offers forest management recommendations and works for hire on land that he/she does not own (state, federal and corporate lands excepted) must be registered by the Alabama Board of Registration for Foresters. Further, to be listed in the AFC Service Provider database as a Forestry Consultant requires the service provider to be a Registered Forester (RF) in Alabama and provide their current registration number.

Services listed in this database preceded with an asterisk * normally require a federal and/or state license
or certification.

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