Outreach Program


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Underserved Landowners

Individuals and groups who, for any reason, have not participated  in or have received no benefits or limited benefits for the Alabama Forestry Commission and its partners because they were not aware of services available through the Commission and its partners.
The Outreach Program at the Alabama Forestry Commission is continually changing for the betterment of service to landowners.

The program began in 1999 with the specific intention to better provide Forestry Commission services to African American forest landowners. Since then, the Outreach Program has grown to include providing better services not only to many more specific groups, but to Alabama’s landowners in general. The program now includes elements such as providing materials and the Forestry Commission’s Web site in Spanish, and articles that feature minority, small landowners and their accomplishments in forestry and other natural resources.

The AFC’s Outreach program also provides programs to better educate landowners about the resources available to them, how to best manage their land, and how to maximize the productivity of their land. These programs come in the form of  cost-share opportunities to promote better forest management for private landowners and in the form of educational opportunities to promote the importance of the forestry and other natural resource-related practices and industries. The Forestry Commission helps to sponsor two camps each summer. Natural Resource Camp is held in Butler County for 6th grade residents who show an interest in learning more about the outside world and its inhabitants. Forestry Camp

Alabama Forestry Camp is available to high school students from all over Alabama who are interested in a college education focused on forestry and other natural resource fields. The Commission offers these camps to provide students with an up-close look into the vast career  opportunities available to them via natural resource educations and careers. Butler Camp

To provide such programs for landowners, the AFC’s Outreach Program works to establish and maintain relationships with other natural resource-related agencies. Through these partnerships, the Commission can offer more cost-share programs for the betterment of land management.

Additional Information:

- USDA Forest Service
- Natural Resources Conservation Service
- USDA Farm Service Agency
- Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund
- Tuskegee University Cooperative Extension
- Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University
- Auburn University School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences