Established as a state agency in 1924, the mission of the Alabama Forestry Commission is three-fold: to Protect the Forests from all harmful agents; to Service and Help Landowners to carry out responsible forest management on their property, using professional technical assistance so as to benefit themselves, their land and society; and to Educate the General Public about the value of our forests in insuring both a healthy economy and environment.

The Forestry Commission also assists with emergency responses following hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms and other natural disasters. Our employees help clear roads, transport people, equipment and supplies as needed across the state and help man the state’s emergency management centers across the state.

The Forestry Commission is governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners appointed by the Governor of Alabama. Code of Alabama, Section 9-3-1

Commissioner City Term Began Term Expires
Robert Turner, Chair Sulligent, AL 02/25/2016 11/05/2020
Joseph H. Twardy, Vice Chair Auburn, AL 03/16/2017 11/5/2021
Katrenia Kier Huntsville, AL 02/25/2016 11/05/2020
Jane T. Russell Lapine, AL 05/29/2019 11/05/2024
Robert P. Sharp Mobile, AL 05/29/2019 11/05/2024
Chris Langley Camp Hill, AL 3/12/2020 11/05/2025
Dr. Bill Sudduth Tuscaloosa, AL 04/6/2017 11/05/2021

Tentatively, Commission meetings for 2020 are scheduled as follows:

Date Location Regional Forester
Thursday, January 16 State Office, Montgomery Jason Dockery
Thursday, April 16 Five Rivers, Mobile (Tentative) Benji Elmore
Thursday, July 16 State Office, Montgomery Terry Ezzell
Thursday, October 15 State Office, Montgomery Andy Guy

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings will be held at the State Office in Montgomery. For an official meeting notice and other announcements, please go to the Alabama Secretary of State’s web page Openmeetings.Alabama.Gov

Our address is:
513 Madison Ave.
Montgomery, AL 36130

The agency operates with 3 divisions, (Executive, Management & Protection) and the state is divided into four regions and 18 work units as designated on this Map. Our organizational chart can be found Here.

State Forester Rick Oates Rick.Oates@Forestry.Alabama.Gov Biography
Assistant State Forester Will Brantley Biography
Management Division Director Currently Vacant
Protection Division Director John Goff
General Counsel Scott Rouse

Mission Statement

We will serve Alabama by protecting and sustaining our forest resources using professionally applied stewardship principles and education. We will ensure Alabama’s forests contribute to abundant timber and wildlife, clean air and water, and a healthy economy.

Vision Statement

Making Alabama better for people by ensuring healthy, productive forests for future generations.

Core Values

We share responsibility and ownership of our decisions and actions, and trust one another in making shared decisions as a team through honest and open communications.

We will provide the highest standards of quality in everything we do.

We insist on an organizational environment consistently based upon the highest ethical standards.

We will show appreciation and high regard for our associates, partners and customers.