Posted: 04/01/2022

The Alabama Forestry Commission is inviting landowners to participate in its Southern Pine Beetle (SPB) Prevention Cost-Share Program. The goal of the program is to assist landowners financially with forest management practices that would decrease the chances of their pine stands becoming infested with SPB. The program launches on April 1, 2022, and the application portal will remain open for a few months.

There are a few criteria that landowners must meet to be eligible for the cost-share program:

  1. The land must be privately owned and located in the state of Alabama.
  2. The property or stand which landowners wish to enroll cannot already be enrolled in another cost-share program (such as CRP).
  3. Finally, any stand on the property landowners want to enroll must be 10 acres or more.

The application portal is now closed.

For more information or if you have questions regarding the Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Cost-Share Program, please email AFC Forest Health Coordinator Austin Reese at, or contact your local Alabama Forestry Commission office.

The mission of the Alabama Forestry Commission is to protect and sustain Alabama’s forest resources using professionally applied stewardship principles and education, ensuring that the state’s forests contribute to abundant timber and wildlife, clean air and water, and a healthy economy. For more information about the fire situation in your area or any other forestry related issues, contact your local Alabama Forestry Commission office or visit the AFC website at