Request for Proposals (5/19/2022)

Professional Services — Registered Forester

The Alabama Forestry Commission, an agency of Alabama state government, is in need of a State of Alabama Registered Forester to assist with the planning, coordinating, and execution of a statewide cogongrass mitigation program. The Commission needs a Registered Forester who can provide the following specific services:

Contractor Information for APHIS Cogongrass Mitigation Program

  • Scope of Work

    The purpose of the program is to identify cogongrass, an exotic plant species that is occupying hundreds of acres in Alabama. Some infested acres are compromised, harmed, and even destroyed by this non-native invasive plant. Cogongrass restricts the growth of native vegetation and impedes existing wildlife habitat. Acreages with extensive cogongrass infestations are economically and ecologically degraded.

    The Alabama Forestry Commission (acting through both its employees and contractors) will identify and document cogongrass infestations in the state, with the goal of controlling or eradicating such infestations. Non-industrial private landowners with confirmed cogongrass infestations on properties located in Alabama are eligible for this incentive program. Once these infestations are approved into the program, they will be scheduled for herbicide spraytreatments. Several consecutive treatments within 2-3 years will be applied to infestations for complete control and/or eradication.

  • Contractor’s Qualifications

    Any contractor entering into a contract with the Alabama Forestry Commission to perform work under this program must be a Registered Forester in the State of Alabama. In the case of a contractor that is a business entity, all such work must be performed under the direction of an employee of the business entity who is a Registered Forester in the State of Alabama. The work required by the contract is professional in nature, as the execution of this program will have a substantial impact on the forests and landowners of this state. Any contractor working under this program will be involved in planning, coordinating, and executing the program, all with the oversight and approval of the Alabama Forestry Commission.

    This program requires highly responsible and professional work. Any contractor selected by the Alabama Forestry Commission must be capable of working across large geographic segments of the state and must have or have access to all the resources and manpower needed to successfully execute and complete the program. Contractor must agree to abide by all program rules and restrictions, as well as to indemnify and hold the State of Alabama harmless against any legal liability associated with contractor’s work under the program. Contractor must have liability insurance coverage of no less than $1 million and must agree to add the State of Alabama as an additional insured on such insurance policy.

  • Contractor’s Responsibilities

    The Alabama Forestry Commission will enter into agreements with one or more contractors to coordinate and conduct herbicide spray treatments on a given number of cogongrass infestations. Higher quantities and larger sizes of infestations are concentrated in South Alabama. Contractors will spray-treat infestations that are greater than 10 acres. The focused counties are illustrated on the included map and marked with a blue circle. These counties are: Baldwin, Mobile, Washington, Clarke, Monroe, Choctaw, Marengo, Wilcox, Sumter, Greene, Hale, Perry, Dallas, Conecuh, Escambia, Butler, Crenshaw, Covington, Coffee, Geneva, Dale, Houston, Lowndes, Pike, Bullock, Montgomery, Barbour, Russell, Bibb, Lamar, Pickens, Tuscaloosa, Autauga, and Henry. There may be additional counties added to the agreement if cogongrass infestations greater than 10 acres are verified in these supplemental counties and approved into the program. An agreement between a participating landowner and the Alabama Forestry Commission will allow the contractor(s) egress and ingress to properties approved into the program. All spray treatments made under this program must be conducted between May 1 and October 15.

  • Herbicide Requirements

    Contractor(s) will use ground application method to implement foliar herbicide spray treatments. All herbicide applicators must have a Commercial Pesticide Applicator License issued by the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries and must comply with federal and state environmental laws and regulations. Applicators must also follow all label instructions for herbicides used in spray treatments. The following herbicides and rates will be approved for use under this program:

    • Herbicides with the active ingredient glyphosate at 50+% (i.e., Accord XRT, Cinco, Roundup Pro Concentrate, Rodeo, etc.)
    • Herbicides with the active ingredient imazapyr at 52+% (i.e., Arsenal AC, Polaris AC, Imazapyr 4SL, etc.)
    • Nonionic surfactant with active ingredient at 70+% (i.e., Dyne-A-Pak, Destiny, and Methylated Vegetable Oil)
    • Optional – Marking dye for herbicides

    Herbicide Application:

    • Glyphosate product as a single herbicide in solution – 5% application rate
    • Imazapyr product as a single herbicide in solution – 1% application rate
    • Nonionic surfactant (if needed) in solution – 0.5% to 1% application rate
    • Marking dye (optional) in solution – 0.1% to 0.05% application rate
    • The solution or mix amount applied to infestations will be at a rate of 30-40 gallons per acre, based on the maturity (height) of the cogongrass.
    • Spray-treat cogongrass and buffer of 10 additional feet surrounding the infestation for spot sizes between 10 to 100 acres.
  • Cost and Payment

    Interested contractors must submit a per acre cost quote along with the contractor’s name, business entity (if applicable), physical address, telephone and FEIN. All payments to any contractor will be made pursuant to timely invoices submitted to the Alabama Forestry Commission. All such invoices must be submitted for payment within fiscal-year deadlines established by the State of Alabama. To receive payment, a contractor must alsoregister in the Alabama Department of Finance STAARS portal (, enter tax relevant information, and receive a VC or VS number, unless this process has not already been completed by the contractor.

  • Contract Requirements

    There will be a professional service contract between the contractor and the Alabama Forestry Commission stating the framework and respective responsibilities for cooperatively controlling cogongrass under this program. This contract will be subject to all applicable state laws and must be approved by the Contract Review Permanent Legislative Oversight Committee. The initial contract shall be for two years and may be renewed for an additional one year thereafter.

  • Submission of Proposal

    Contractors submitting proposals should include a resume, curriculum vitae, and/or narrative describing their experience and skillset and how they can best serve the Alabama Forestry Commission. All proposals must state a per-acre rate of compensation for professional services rendered. Contractual terms of any proposal may be negotiable, but all terms must comply with state law and procurement processes. The submission of a proposal does not guarantee that a contract will be granted, and the Alabama Forestry Commission assumes no liability or responsibility to any individual or business by considering a submitted proposal. The Alabama Forestry Commission reserves the right to accept multiple proposals or to reject any or all proposals that may be received.

All proposals must be RECEIVED no later than 5:00 p.m. on June 13, 2022. Proposals may be sent via email or regular mail to:

Owen Andrews
Cogongrass Coordinator
Alabama Forestry Commission
1803 Dr MLK JR Expy
Andalusia, AL 36420

For more information please download the request for proposal here.