Request for Proposals (5/19/2022)

Professional Services – Accounting Firm

The Alabama Forestry Commission (AFC), an agency of Alabama state government, is in need of a Certified Public Accounting firm to provide a third-party financial audit to comply with the terms of the Hurricane Michael Block Grant. This grant was provided through the Emergency Forest Restoration Program administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency.

Contractor Information for Hurricane Michael Block Grant Audit

  • Scope of Work

    The Alabama Forestry Commission is soliciting proposals from qualified Certified Public Accounting firms to conduct an audit of the Hurricane Michael Block Grant funds received by the AFC to administer the program. This will include having the firm audit financial documents for the program pertaining to the amount of funds spent on employee personnel costs and the amount of funds distributed to eligible landowners within the program.

  • Contractor’s Qualifications

    Any contractor looking to enter into an agreement with the Alabama Forestry Commission to perform these duties must be a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Alabama. In the case of a contractor that is a business entity, all such work must be completed by an employee who is a Certified Public Accountant. his program requires highly responsible and professional work. TAny contractor selected by the Alabama Forestry Commission must be able to perform the auditing duties in compliance with 2 CFR part 200, subpart F.

  • Contractor’s Responsibilities

    The Alabama Forestry Commission will enter into a contract with a CPA Firm to conduct and coordinate the audit for the desired grant in compliance with 2 CFR part 200, subpart F. This firm will be responsible for auditing the program’s personnel expenses and landowner payment distribution. This firm will be responsible for relaying all findings, with proper documentation, in the form of a final report to the stated point of contact.

  • Cost and Payment

    Each firm must submit a quote along with the firm’s name, business entity (if applicable), physical address, telephone, and FEIN. To receive payment, a firm must also be registered in the Alabama Department of Finance Alabama Buys portal, enter taxrelevant information, and register in the STAARS system to receive a VC or VS number, unless this process has already been completed by the firm.

  • Contract Requirements

    There will be a professional service contract between the contractor and the Alabama Forestry Commission stating the framework and respective responsibilities under this program. This contract will be subject to all applicable state laws and must be approved by the Contract Review Permanent Legislative Oversight Committee. The contract shall be for the delivery of final report, to be delivered within 60 days of contract execution date.

  • Submission of Proposal

    Contractors submitting proposals should include resumes, curriculum vitae, and/or narrative describing their firm’s experience with similar audits. These documents should describe how the firm can best serve the Alabama Forestry Commission. All proposals must state a per-hour rate of compensation for professional services rendered.

Contractual terms of any proposal may be negotiable, but all terms must comply with state law and procurement processes. The submission of a proposal does not guarantee that a contract will be granted, and the Alabama Forestry Commission assumes no liability or responsibility to any individual or business by considering a submitted proposal. The Alabama Forestry Commission reserves the right to accept multiple proposals or to reject any or all proposals that may be received.

All proposals must be RECEIVED no later than 5:00 p.m. on June 13, 2022. Proposals may be sent via email or regular mail to:

Hunter Moncrief, Forester
Landowner Assistance Coordinator
Alabama Forestry Commission
P. O. Box 302550
Montgomery, AL 36130-2550

For a printable version, download the request for proposal here.