Posted: 09/24/2020

The Alabama Forestry Commission (AFC) is pleased to announce the publication of the Forest Resource Report 2019. Published annually for nearly 20 years, this document provides an updated snapshot of the 23 million acres that comprise Alabama’s abundant timberland. Timber growth has exceeded removals since at least the 1950s, with the volume of the state’s timber greatly increasing over that time. Alabama is now experiencing its largest timber inventory in recorded history with high growth/drain ratios for both softwood and hardwood, with an estimated 1,351,000,000 tons in live trees now standing.

Using current data compiled by the AFC’s Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) team, statistical estimates by county, region, and state are provided for Timberland Acreage, Timber Volume (by species), Timber Growth, and Timber Harvest Removals. Also in this report, Department of Revenue-generated data is summarized to show county-level timber harvest data by product. Updates to new and expanding forest industry in the state are given, as is brief commentary on timber price trends and business conditions directly effecting timber demand.

The full document pertaining to the current status of Alabama’s forest resource can be found Here

The Alabama Forestry Commission is the state agency charged with protecting and sustaining Alabama’s forest resources, which contribute not only to abundant timber and wildlife, but also clean air and water, as well as a healthy economy.