Added On Article
06/03/2021 Hurricane Michael Block Grant
06/02/2021 Geneva State Forest Timber Sale #21-3
03/08/2021 Caution Urged with All Burning
1/13/2021 USDA, Alabama Sign Historic Agreement to Improve Forest Conditions on Public and Private Lands
11/09/2020 Dana Stone to Step into Role of AFC Forest Management Division Director
10/19/2020 Alabama Invasive Plant Council Education and Outreach Grant
10/02/2020 Hurricane Sally Damage Report
09/29/2020 Will Brantley Named Assistant State Forester
09/24/2020 Alabama Forestry Commission Releases Latest Forest Resource Data
08/31/2020 CARES Act
07/15/2020 Timber Sales on USFS Land
07/08/2020 Prediction Low for Pine Beetles in 2020
05/21/2020 Fire Danger Advisory Rescinded for South Alabama
05/14/2020 Fire Danger Advisory Issued for South Alabama
04/23/2020 AFC Looking for Stolen Bulldozer
03/13/2020 Governor Appoints Chris Langley as AFC Commissioner
03/02/2020 Little River State Forest Timber Sale
01/03/2020 Moody Memorial
11/12/2019 Governor Appoints Bob Sharp as AFC Commissioner
10/22/2019 Fire Alert Lifted Statewide
10/11/2019 Fire Alert Remains in Effect for Alabama
10/08/2019 Talladega National Forest Timber Sale #20-1 – Bid Notice & Contract
09/25/2019 Alabama Invasive Plant Council Education and Outreach Grant Program 2019
09/25/2019 Fire Alert Issued for Alabama
09/16/2019 Fire Danger Advisory Issued for Alabama
06/11/2019 Alabama Forest Inventory Leads the Way
04/16/2019 USDA Forest Service, Alabama Forestry Commission Unite to Conduct First Timber Sale Project in a National Forest
03/25/2019 Caution Urged with All Burning
03/11/2019 Caution Advised Regarding Burning of Tornado Debris
01/25/2019 AFC Elects New Officers
01/24/2019 Chronic Wasting Disease in Deer
11/13/2018 Notice of Timber Sale
10/17/2018 Hurricane Michael Recovery
10/01/2018 Alabama Forestry Commission proposes two new rules for VFD certifications