AFC Direct Service Fees

The AFC will utilize personnel and equipment for a fee to assist private landowners with the performance of certain forest management practices not readily available from the private sector in an effort to maintain, enhance and/or protect timber, wildlife, water, and soil quality.

These services are to be made available and performed on a regional basis to ensure all landowners have equal access to such services and when such use of equipment and manpower does not unduly jeopardize the wildfire suppression effort and the work does not conflict with services available from private enterprise.

It is the intent of the AFC to provide prescribed burning assistance only where forestry consultants, contract operators, or specialized equipment are unavailable to furnish this service to small private landowners.

The AFC will provide the following services for the listed fees: prescribed burning, fire lane construction, and create small wildlife openings less that 5 acres in size.

Service Cost
Site Preparation Burns $25 per acre
Understory Burn $20 per acre
Farm Tractor or Equivalent $100 per hour
Medium Tractor or Dozer $125 per hour
Large Tractor or Dozer $160 per hour
Disking $375 minimum
Drum Chopping (Northwest Alabama only) $185 per acre*

Note:Minimum service fees: $750 for a dozer, $500 for burning, and $375 for Disking will be applied per invoice. All invoices are to be paid with credit card or e-check.

For more information contact your local Alabama Forestry Commission office or fill out our Request Assistance Form.

* Mileage rate $5.00 / mile, charged for delivery / retrieval of drum and tractor for landowners choosing to rent only the drum. Rate is $15 / acre + mileage.