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Woody Biomass 101, General Harvesting Issues, Concerns, and Recommendations for Alabama Forest Owners - Alabama Forestry Commission
It is important for Alabama forest owners to understand what is going on with woody biomass harvesting in Alabama, and how the issues involved will affect some of their forest management strategies. This paper provides information that landowners should take into consideration as they develop their woody biomass harvesting plan.
Biomass Energy Cover Woody Biomass - Energy Opportunities in Alabama - Alabama Forestry Commission
This publication by the Alabama Forestry Commission (AFC) provides information on the woody biomass materials available in Alabama, timber harvest and price trends and per unit cost comparisons with traditional energy sources. It also contains references to further information that investors should find useful when deciding whether or not to install wood-using energy systems. References are provided to manufacturers of wood-using energy systems, grant sources, tax credit incentives, and case studies of others who have installed successful systems.
A Strategy For Increasing The Use of Woody Biomass for Energy - NASF
The National Association of State Foresters (NASF) represents state forestry agencies in all 50 states. This publication reviews the current status of renewable woody biomass resources and how they are used to produce energy. The publication reviews the forest resources available by location, and presents cost-benefit analysis for a variety of wood-using energy systems.
Southern Bioenergy RoadmapSafer Alliance
The Southeast Agriculture & Forestry Energy Resources Alliance (SAFER) ( was formed to provide strategic leadership to the agricultural and forestry sectors in advancing renewable energy initiatives in the Southeast with the purpose of seeing the South become the nation’s leader in renewable energy production. This publication has detailed information about the South’s renewable resources, including agricultural crops, forest biomass, and urban waste, and analyzes their potential to meet the future’s energy needs. The publication also outlines current public policy, and recommends changes to encourage future use of renewable fuels. It lists current research efforts, with specific details and references. The publication outlines a strategy to set up the facilities and infrastructure to expand the use of renewable resources for energy in the Southeastern United States. As an addendum to the publication, current energy statistics for Alabama were listed in the following publication: Bioenergy in Alabama - from the Southern Bioenergy Roadmap

Woody Biomass Desk Guide & Toolkit - NACD's website
The National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD), in collaboration with federal, state, and local partners is working to raise awareness about the potential for woody biomass as a primary feedstock for such products. Their new Woody Biomass Desk Guide and Toolkit provides an overview of woody biomass production and utilization in the U.S., tips of how to provide effective outreach for specific clientele, and educational handouts to share with audiences. The purpose of the guide is to equip natural resource professionals and outreach specialists with the information and tools needed to increase awareness of the use of woody biomass for energy in the U.S.
Boiler Cover Woody Fueled Boiler Financial Feasibility Analytical Tools - Wisconsin DOF
The Wisconsin Division of Forestry (DOF) developed the “Wood Fueled Boiler Financial Feasibility”, This analytical tool provides a starting point for interested parties to perform financial feasibility analysis of a steam boiler system for space heating or process heat. By allowing users to input the conditions applicable to their current or proposed fuel systems, “Wood Fueled Boiler Financial Feasibility” provides an opportunity to compare wood or bark fuel as alternates to the existing fuel. “Wood Fueled Boiler Financial Feasibility” is a simple spreadsheet program designed for a personal computer.