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This premiere publication of the Alabama Forestry Commission is provided at no charge to the forest landowners of Alabama. A glossy, full-color, 32-page magazine, it is published three times each year: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Filled with information and technical assistance, it is designed to assist landowners in making informed decisions about the management practices they apply to their land. Encompassing both hardwood and softwood, urban and rural, topics include forest health, drought, pests and diseases; invasive species; prescribed burning and wildfire protection; water resources and environmental issues; wildlife; as well as available state and federal grants and programs. Articles and photographs are contributed by AFC employees and other forestry or natural resources professionals. The current circulation is over 14,000.

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Summer 2018

Worthy of a Prince
Alabama Landowners Conference 2018
Finding Treasure with Old Friends: A TREASURE Forest Tree Farm Success Story
New TREASURE Forest Certifications / Hardwood Management Workshop
Classifying Your Hardwood Timber
A Flagg Over Weogufka
Finding & Making Walking Sticks: A fun hobby for forest landowners
Where there’s Smoke there’s Life: the Role of Fire on Alabama’s Wildlands (Part Two)
American Beech: Nature's Historic Drawing Board
Urban Forest Strike Team Deploys to Jacksonville State University
Gopher Tortoise Conservation at Geneva State Forest
Preservation or Conservation?
Memorials: Dr. John Mims and Chris Jaworowski
Accomplishing the AFC Mission at Geneva State Forest
Plants of Alabama: Yellow Fringed Orchid
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Spring 2018

Greenebriar: Something of the Divine
New 'Purple Paint Law' Protects Forestland from Trespassers
How to Inventory Your Timber
The White Oak Initiative
Another Day at the Office
Bald Eagles No Longer Listed, but Still Afforded Protection
New Forests Forever Tags are here!
Where there’s Smoke there’s Life: the Role of Fire on Alabama’s Wildlands
Tax Tips for Forest Landowners for the 2017 Tax Year
Graham Creek Nature Preserve
Alabama’s Grand Bay Savanna
Alabama Teachers Conservation Workshop
Forest Health Cooperative
Alabama Certified Prescribed Burn Manager 2018 Training Schedule
Tree of Alabama: Sweetbay Magnolia
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