1990 Alabama's TREASURED Forests Magazines

Winter Issue
- A Purpose for Everything, by Kim Gilliland
- Acreage Assessment for Alabama, By L. Louis Hyman
- Penalties for Violating Alabama's Game Laws, by Frederick A. Busch
- Pesticide Labeling and Registration, by Max Williamson and Charles I. Shade
- Common Poisonous Plants, by Frederick A. Busch
- Forestry Education in Secondary Schools, by L. Louis Hyman
- TREASURE Forest Goes Nationwide, by John C. Kummel
- Landowners Legislative Alert , NATIONAL, by Terri Bates, ALABAMA, by Frank Sego
- Selective Thinning-A New Approach, by Fred Beam
- Using Marketing Research in a State Agency, by Mike Jones
- Residential/Wildland Interface: Is It Real? by Walter Vest
- Harvesting Pine Straw-The Pros and Cons, by Walker Rivers
- A Little History, by Richard Cumbie
- Options for Kudzu Control, by Ken McNabb
- State Forester's Message, by C.W. Moody and James Hughes
- Editor's Understory; Harrison Family, by Kim Gilliland
- You Ought to be in Pictures!

Spring Issue
- A Steward of His Land, by Melanie Curry
- The Path to TREASURE Forest, by Edward McCullers
- History Writers of the Forest, by L. Louis Hyman
- White-tailed Deer Research Continues at Auburn, by Dr. Keith Causey
- State Soil and Water Conservation Committee, by Steve Cauthen and David Hoge
- Cities Recognized for Tree Programs, by Neil Letson
- Don't Drop it on Alabama, by Spencer Ryan
- North Alabama Nursery is One of a Kind, by Coleen Vansant
- Famous and Historical Trees in Alabama, by Tilda Mims
- Alabama's Champion Trees, by Kim Gilliland and Linda Parten
- Signs of the Times
- Earth Day, 1990
- Dry Hydrant System Proposed for Alabama, by Reggie Summerlin
- Transplanting TREASURES , by Dr. Douglas T. McGinty
- Hardwood Management, by Tom Cambre
- State Forester's Message, by C.W. Moody
- Editor's Understory; Gary Fortenberry, by Melanie Curry
- Landowners Legislative Alert, NATIONAL, by Terri Bates, ALABAMA, Frank Sego

Summer Issue
- An Environmental Showplace, by Kim Gilliland
- Prescribed Burning the Safe Way, by David A. Frederick
- Know Your Wetlands
- A Tale of Two Sales, by C.S. Walsh
- USDA-Forest Service, by Joy Patty
- Lymantria dispar L.-Headin' 'Em Off at the Pass, by Tim L. Gothard
- Not in It for the Money, by Michael A. Jones, Ph.D"
- How to Harvest Timber-Is There A Clear-cut Answer? by James R, Hyland
- Take Control of Your Pond from Weeds, by John W. Jensen
- Lyme Disease ... It's Here, by Kenneth Leslie
- Alabama's Timberland: Can It Support Industry?, by Steve Nix
- Using Aviation in Fire Detection and Suppression, by Ray Jones
- State Forester's Message, by C,W. Moody
- Editor's Understory; Jimmy King, by Kim Gilliland
- Landowners Legislative Alert, NATIONAL, by Terri Bates, ALABAMA, Frank Sego
- Memorial; Mary Higdon Stem, Ray Holliday, James Gavins, and James Neighbors

Fall Issue
- Stewardship: North Alabama Style, by Kim Gilliland
- Evaluation of the Planting Job, by David A. Hoge
- Open Burning and Ozone, by Ludwig C. Hoffmann, III,
- Alabama Black Bears Live in Harmony with Man, by J.L. Dusi
- Tax Tips for Alabama Landowners, by Louis Hyman
- Rabies: A Preventable Disease, by Tilda Mims
- Have Logs Will Travel? ", by Jim Gober and Gary Faulkner
- Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, by Gary H. Moody
- Selecting the Right Vendor, by Richard Cumbie
- Hardwood Regeneration Methods, by Tom Cambre
- Paulownia: Something Different, by Don Burdette
- Seedling Survival - How Is Alabama Doing?, by David Hoge
- State Forester's Message, by C.W. Moody
- Editor's Understory
- Landowners Legislative Alert, NATIONAL, by Terri Bates, ALABAMA, Frank Sego
- Memorial; Edd Kennedy, Jr.

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